Broadcast your video content live on web, mobile, and tablet at any quality you want.


Simultaneous Live Broadcast Sharing

You can share your live broadcasts simultaneously on many social media platforms.
In this way, you will be able to access your follower audience in real time, and keep your interactions dynamically.

Live Recording

You can define more than one live broadcast and actively use these live broadcasts at the same time, you can record each one simultaneously. (So, when your live broadcast is completed, you will have the opportunity to present it as a recorded video in a few minutes.)

CDN Integration

The Videoonly CDN integration provides your content protection, removing broadcast outages. Thus, it manages intensive demands instantly without creating any operational burden.

Local Network Broadcast

You can do local network installations and present these broadcasts on the interior screens
without requiring any internet connection

High Quality Broadcast

With different bitrate options, deliver optimum broadcast quality based on the internet speed of the viewer.

Advertising Integration

With the advertising integration, for your videos, you can provide ad impressions as pre, mid, post-video and create an income model.

You Are One Step Ahead With Live Broadcast!

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    Strengthen your brand communication with live broadcast on the internet and get your place among companies that use technology effectively.

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    Set up your own web tv, and reach audiences via internet broadcasting.

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    Broadcast live feeds that you will do simultaneously on your social media accounts.

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    Save your live broadcasts simultaneously, and reach post-release records instantly.

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