Videoonly is a leading online video platform that enables you
to manage all your video needs from one centre.

In New Media Technologies

do you want to catch more of the age?

Manage your videos from one centre quickly, easily and intelligently with Videoonly, save time!

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    Become owner of turnkey WebTv thanks to CDN integrated uninterrupted live and recorded video broadcasting experience.

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    Create secure MobilTV with your DRM support, multiple quality and resolution content on IOS / ANDROID platforms.

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    Manage your content, which you can integrate into corporate internal and external screens, from a single centre.

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Expand your target audience with 360 Degrees of communication.

  • Increase your revenue by getting more clicks with Videoonly Player running on all platforms and having AdX and VAST ad support.

  • Improve more effective marketing strategies by enabling your target audience to interact with video content with clickable video feature.

  • Get clearer statistics on user habits with detailed reporting and consumption analyses.

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Solutions Suitable To You:

The Videoonly platform, which works in the cloud integrated into the CDN infrastructure, stores, backs up and broadcasts all your content in the cloud.
The Videoonly platform, which is built on the corporations' own local networks, stores, backs up and broadcasts all content without internet access.
The Videoonly platform, which uses local networks and CDN infrastructure together, stores, backs up and broadcasts due to viewer network access on a dedicated architecture..


On Premise

On Premise + SaaS(Hybrid)

Unique details,
operational functions.

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