Deliver your VOD and LIVE contents to the audiences at any quality you want on mobile and tablet!


Live Broadcast On Mobile

The Videoonly mobile application, which is developed for IOS and ANDROID Platforms, allows you to broadcast live without the need of a different device and internet.

Advertising Integration

With the advertising integration, for your videos, you can provide ad impressions as pre, mid, post-video and create an income model.

Detailed Content Management

You can provide a fast and efficient content management with all metadata management, name, short and detailed explanations, channel and category information, tags of contents.

Cloud Encoding

All your submitted content is encoded in different qualities for each circle so that it can be viewed more optimally on the web and mobile environments.

CDN Integration

The Videoonly CDN integration provides your content protection, removing broadcast outages. Thus, it manages intensive demands instantly without creating any operational burden.

API Integration

You can have your own web interface designed, or you can use it as integrated into your ready-made site.

Get Your Place in the Mobile Apps World!

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    Be a Mobile Tv owner and increase your communication via devices in which internet is most frequently used.

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    Broadcast live from your mobile at high-quality, streamline production operations.

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    Get the application instantly, eliminate the development times.

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    Increase your advertising revenue by ruling your own circle.

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