Videoonly online video platform has many features designed regarding your needs.

In addition to easily controlling your content from every platform, with our functional features prepared with high sensitivity on the management, storage and security of these contents, you'll be able to deliver your videos and live broadcasts in the fastest way to your audience and make your platform unique with the features we provide.

Cloud Encoding

All your submitted content is encoded in different qualities for each circle so that it can be viewed more optimally on the web and mobile environments.

Playout Service

It includes a simple-to-use playout service that you can supply broadcasts described as a 24/7 stream (Linear broadcast) on web.

Detailed Content Management

You can provide a fast and efficient content management with all metadata management, name, short and detailed explanations, channel and category information, tags of contents.

Content Security

Unauthorized display of contents published on the platform on different sites and pages can be prevented. For this; different features such as TOKEN Authentication, Geographical Restriction, Domain Restriction are used.

CDN Integration

The Videoonly CDN integration provides your content protection, removing broadcast outages. Thus, it manages intensive demands instantly without creating any operational burden.

Advertising Integration

With the advertising integration, for your videos, you can provide ad impressions as pre, mid, post-video and create an income model.


Includes a video studio service where you can quickly crop / cut your content and access it via the web interface.


Simultaneous Live Broadcast Sharing

You can share your live broadcasts simultaneously on many social media platforms. In this way, you will be able to access your follower audience in real time, and keep your interactions dynamically.


High Quality Broadcast

With different bitrate options, deliver optimum broadcast quality based on the internet speed of the viewer.

Clickable Technology

Clickable teknolojisi bulunan playerı ile doğrudan satışa, eğitime vb. yönelik aksiyonlar alabilirsiniz. (ürün linkine doğrudan yönlendirme gibi)

Youtube Integration

For your video contents, you can use it as a content distribution centre for being able to simultaneously manage your YouTube video account also.(So you do not need to send the same content to your YouTube channel again.)


You can give different authorities to different users for your webtv administration with authorization. (Such as person or department based)

Live Broadcast Recording

You can define more than one live broadcast and actively use these live broadcasts at the same time, you can record each one simultaneously. (So, when your live broadcast is completed, you will have the opportunity to present it as a recorded video in a few minutes.)

Detailed Reporting

With detailed content reports, you will have detailed reporting on how long your videos and live broadcasts have been watched over which devices, country city charts, what percentage of the individual content is completed.

Cover Image Setting

You can manage the player's frontal images, called thumbnail, either by using a picture in the video, or uploading a file from outside.

API Integration

You can have your own web interface designed, or you can use it as integrated into your ready-made site.

Screen Management

Thanks to screen management function, with the so-called devices Edge Box, you can perform the control and management of the physical screens. You can also group these screens, and play different contents on different screens with these groups.

Tv Broadcast Integration

You can include TV broadcasts found on the satellite into the central video backbone. If you wish, you can broadcast any desired channel in your own webtv.

Local Network Broadcast

You can do local network installations and present these broadcasts on the interior screens without requiring any internet connection

Mobile Usage

On behalf of the corporation, you can engage your own application on special IOS and ANDROID platforms through us and automatically perform the management of these applications and the control of your live broadcasts also on these circles.

Encoding Monitoring

You can provide automatic control of your broadcasts within Encoding Monitoring Service. In case of possible image losses or malfunctions, you can receive alarms for the fault within approximately 2 minutes.

DRM Support

Your contents will be displayed only on circles you allow; it directly blocks all other external web sites by including them in the Blacklist. So, this prevents your contents from being used on different circles in an unauthorized way.

Player Specific To You

It includes a player service, where the viewer will watch the broadcast on your page, and where you can add logo and perform customization, for smooth playback of your contents on the web and mobile environment.

Live Broadcast On Mobile

The Videoonly mobile application, which is developed for IOS and ANDROID Platforms, allows you to broadcast live without the need of a different device and internet.

Easy management

You can download web-mobile content from any platform you want (Your phone is also enough to control the panel)