Broadcast and manage your videos and live feeds on your desired indoor/outdoor screen.


Tv Broadcast Integration

You can include TV broadcasts found on the satellite into the central video backbone. If you wish, you can broadcast any desired channel in your own webtv.

Easy Management

You can download web-mobile content from any platform you want (Your phone is also enough to control the panel)

Local Network Broadcast

You can do local network installations and present these broadcasts on the interior screens
without requiring any internet connection


You can give different authorities to different users for your webtv administration with authorization. (Such as person or department based)

CDN Integration

The Videoonly CDN integration provides your content protection, removing broadcast outages. Thus, it manages intensive demands instantly without creating any operational burden.

Detailed Reporting

With detailed content reports, you will have detailed reporting on how long your videos and live broadcasts have been watched over which devices, country city charts, what percentage of the individual content is completed.

Manage Your Screens Easily!

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    Expand your target audience with 360 degree communication by transmitting your content to physical screens.

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    Broadcast your videos and live feeds on the indoor and outdoor screens found in squares, stops, corporations, and malls.

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    Easily manage from web, mobile, tablet and all devices with its structure that is independent of time and space.

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    With the filtered management system, broadcast different contents on a regional basis.

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