Watch the video on your IP cameras from wherever you like, share it with the people and platforms you want.


Easy Management

You can download web-mobile content from any platform you want (Your phone is also enough to control the panel)

API Integration

You can have your own web interface designed, or you can use it as integrated into your ready-made site.


You can give different authorities to different users for your webtv administration with authorization. (Such as person or department based)

Live Recording

You can define more than one live broadcast and actively use these live broadcasts at the same time, you can record each one simultaneously. (So, when your live broadcast is completed, you will have the opportunity to present it as a recorded video in a few minutes.)

CDN Integration

The Videoonly CDN integration provides your content protection, removing broadcast outages. Thus, it manages intensive demands instantly without creating any operational burden.

High Quality Broadcast

With different bitrate options, deliver optimum broadcast quality based on the internet speed of the viewer.

Your business is with you everywhere in the world!

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    Streets, alleys, vehicles, indoor/outdoor corporation areas, soccer fields and parks, etc.. Broadcast live every area you want.

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    Establish a security, control and supervision mechanism with IP camera broadcasting within the corporation.

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    Follow your dealer's network at different points of the world with live broadcasts.

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    Take control of your big fleets by watching in and out car videos live.

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